Rock Solid Solutions Headquarters
195 Lodgepole Circle Parachute, CO 81635
(970) 903-3028


   134 303 ROAD
    (970) 903-3028 or

Headquartered in Parachute, Colorado, Rock Solid Solutions provides design/build solutions for drilling, blasting, shoring, and rockfall mitigation throughout the entire Rocky Mountain Region. 

Collectively, our management team has been working in the drilling, blasting, shoring and rockfall mitigating fields for over thirty years.  We have experience on heavy highway projects, oil and gas exploration and midstream projects, mines and quarries and commercial projects.  

Our blasting technicians can provide drilling and blasting solutions on a variety of levels.  Whether on a downtown residential site or on a million cubic yard highway project, Rock Solid Solutions can complete the job safely, efficiently and professionally.  Rock Solid Solutions has the design/build experience and capabilities to provide a variety of shoring and stabilization solutions for excavations, failing hillsides or roadways. In addition, we can provide rockfall mitigating services that include rock scaling, the installation of rockfall mesh and cable netting, and the installation of rockfall, avalanche, and debris flow barrier systems.


Rock Solid Solutions Headquarters • 195 Lodgepole Circle Parachute, CO 81635 • (970) 903-3028
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