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Shoring and Stabilization

Rock Solid’s staff has been working in the design/build shoring and stabilization industry for over 30 years combined.  Our engineering department has designed shoring and stabilization systems for federal, state, county and municipal projects as well as commercial and private developments.  Rock Solid is capable of designing and installing a variety of shoring systems such as soil nail and shotcrete walls, micropiles, and tie-backs for both permanent and temporary applications.  Please contact Rock Solid’s senior engineer for design engineering information and solutions at .


  • Design/Build shoring systems
  • Temporary and Permanent shoring systems
  • Soil nail and shotcrete walls
  • Micropiles
  • Tie-back systems

Soil nail and shotcrete wall

Limited access micropile installation

Shored excavation with micropile support

Rock Solid Solutions Headquarters • 195 Lodgepole Circle Parachute, CO 81635 • (970) 903-3028
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